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Electrical Home Inspections in Haliburton County

Know the facts before you buy your home or cottage!

The Ministry of Community Safety estimates nearly 20% of all fires reported in Ontario between 2009-2013 were caused by defective electrical wiring.



DSC00381A licensed electrician, through a comprehensive analysis of the building's electrical system determines the safety of the system. If hazards are identified, they are clearly laid out in a confidential report. If you decide to proceed with the necessary repairs, an independent electrical contractor of your own choosing will know from the report exactly what actions to to take to make the home/cottage safe.

BUCKLEY ELECTRIC electrical assessments are impartial and unbiased. Our only interest is in the electrical safety of your home/cottage - Period

Ordinary home inspectors give the prospective home buyer a general report on the condition of the home/cottage and may not have any experience when it comes to electrical installations. Buckley Electric inspectors understand that electricity is dangerous and can prove that they are qualified by showing you their electrician's license.

Most Common Issues:

  • Chewed wires
  • Hazardously installed Circuits
  • Extension cords as permanent wiring
  • Oversized fuses or circuit breakers
  • Improperly wired hot water tanks, water pumps, heat sources, hot tubs and receptacles.
  • Hazardous 'handyman' add -on circuits

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